3 Best Restaurants in Buckingham

Eating out is an excellent way of catching up with friends and family. Additionally, having such an option ensures that you can get a quick meal whenever you’re in Buckingham. If you’ve been looking for a town where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal, here are some top restaurants you may want to visit.

The Garage

The Garage is one of the best places to enjoy some late lunch in Buckingham. It is suitable for dates and even family outings as well. The round tables offer the best chance to enjoy meals in a group as you catch up. Additionally, there is a wide range of meals. Whether you have an idea of what you would like to eat that day, or you want a suggestion from the Chef. The Garage has got you covered either way. You can’t really call in Buckingham without enjoying a meal here.

Black Pepper Turkish Restaurant

The landmark of 3 Cornwall Pl, the Black Pepper Turkish Restaurant should be a part of your plans in Buckingham. Here, you will sample some of the most excellent Turkish, Eastern Europe and West Asian meals. The chefs at this place pride themselves in the knowledge of traditional Turkish meals making this a top stop-by if you’re a food explorer. You will find the best soups and salads in this joint. Also, if you love sushi, this is the place to be in Buckingham.

White Hart

If you’re looking for an easily accessible restaurant in Buckingham, you will love the White Hart. Located in Market Square, the staff in this restaurant are as amazing as the meals. Additionally, there is a wide range of English cuisines that you will desire. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some lunch with friends, this is the place to be. Additionally, you can stay here for some drinks later. The mixologist here is quite knowledgeable and will turn any casual drinking occasion into a celebration.