A Review Of The Mitre In Buckingham

Enjoying a good time once in a while is a great idea. For many people, however, the challenge is in choosing the best spot to enjoy their free time. If you’re in Buckingham, the number of pubs, beer gardens and restaurants might overwhelm you. In this post, however, we review The Mitre and what it has to offer.

A Pub With A Reputation

Once you hear The Mitre mentioned, your mind should think of a pub. This is primarily what this amazing joint is. But the Mitre is not your ordinary type of pub. Here, there is a special focus on making your time worth all it took to free it up.

The bartenders here dedicate their time to serving you well. Are you looking to enjoy a drink but you have no idea what type of drink? Then worry no more. Once you are in The Mitre, you will have various options to choose from. Additionally, the bartenders will ensure they fulfil your drinking needs for that day.

A Beer Garden Worth Your Time

Are beer gardens your kind of thing? Are you looking to make the most of a weekend at home? Then you should visit The Mitre this coming weekend. You will love the landscaping expertise on display in the beer garden. Additionally, great spacing ensures that you can easily move around and socialize with other people.

The Mitre also guarantees you your entertainment for the entire period you’ll be there. A wide selection of music that caters for all will entice you to spend more time here. On weekends with some sporting matches, you should be nowhere else other than at The Mitre. Catch up on live football matches among other events as well.

Final Thoughts

The Mitre is the ultimate place to be for anyone looking for the perfect pub and beer garden blend. Whether you go on a weekend or during the weekday, your time here will feel special.