Whether you are actually a long-time local resident or simply visiting the area, our guide to the pubs, beer gardens and restaurants in Buckingham will undoubtedly come in handy. This pretty market town has plenty of choices when it comes to eating and drinking, and we point you in the right direction. Our in-depth knowledge of the area shines through in our informative and entertaining posts.

The Best Beer Gardens

On a gorgeous warm spring or summer’s day, what could be sweeter than catching up with friends over a few drinks in a pretty beer garden? Our list of the top three beer gardens in Buckingham is indispensable, and you are sure to refer back to it when planning a day out. Enjoy a refreshing gin, a well-prepared coffee and listen to music or watch the big game of the day.

The Best Chinese Restaurants

Now you have the drinks planned, why not follow them with some delicious Chinese cuisine? We have patiently compiled a well-researched list of the top three Chinese restaurants in Buckingham, renowned for their authentic dishes.

Other Restaurants in Buckingham

Of course, Chinese food might not be to your taste, but we have you covered with other options. In this popular section, we have found the best three restaurants serving modern cuisine in relaxed surroundings, with friendly staff and delicious food.

We certainly look forward to introducing you to the delights of the pubs, restaurants and beer gardens in Buckingham. Who knows? We might bump into you as you are enjoying some well-deserved drinks and mouthwatering food!