Three Best Beer Gardens in Buckingham

Beer outdoors, with friends and some good entertainment, is the ultimate treat. On weekends in Buckingham, you will not spend your time in a better way than this. If you are looking around for some of the best beer gardens around, we have got your back. Read on.

The Mitre

Good landscaping, amazing beers and music blend with a touch of English authenticity, the Mitre offers it all. If you are looking to enjoy your weekend with some friends having loads of fun, this is the place to be at. The Mitre offers spacious tables that allow groups to enjoy their beer in peace. You can also choose to share tables to make new friends. Whichever your preference, the Mitre will serve you.

The Woolpack

The Woolpack beer garden allows you and friends to enjoy some drinks by a river. Enjoy the cool ambience as you catch up on good times. The music selection at this pub is excellent as well and adds to the thrill of the day. The Woolpack opens early, from noon. This gives you a chance to enjoy some beer in the afternoon and later carry on with other tasks in the evening. The Woolpack also serves some tasty outdoor meals making it a perfect place for families.

The Kings Head Coffee and Gin Bar

The Kings Head Coffee and Gin Bar is an excellent location for people looking to enjoy some drinks outdoors. The mixologist at this pub serves your drinks with utmost perfection. It is also a great place for families. There is a wide selection of meals here too. For outdoor coffee dates, you may well want to come here. Your loved one or business partner will enjoy the relaxed ambience, especially on a weekday. On weekends, this is the best beer garden to enjoy a drink as you watch a game. A prominent display screen makes your visit worth it.