Three Best Chinese Restaurants In Buckingham

Chinese cuisine makes for the ultimate treat for anyone looking for diversity in their meals. More than just an appealing taste, Chinese meals are famous for their preparation process. This takes time and expertise whose end result is an enjoyable meal. If you’re looking for the best Chinese restaurants in Buckingham, read on.

Cheng Du

A typical China town restaurant, you will love the fantastic interior design of this Chinese restaurant. The staff here are welcoming and try to understand what your needs are before serving you. You will have to wait for the meals to cook especially if you are placing a custom order. Not to worry, though, the staff does this quickly, and before you can even settle down, they will have your order ready. The restaurant is located on Meadow Walk, making it easily accessible.

China Cottage

China Cottage is the best Chinese restaurant for anyone looking for a takeaway. If you are in a rush but looking to enjoy some tasty Chinese cuisine when you get home, try this restaurant. Located on 8A High Street, the China Cottage is also suitable for seated meals. You will love the ambience, especially in the evenings. The lighting makes for a perfect date setting for a couple date or night out for a family.


The name of this restaurant does not sound typically Chinese. But this is because this is not any ordinary Chinese restaurant. It allows you to eat all you can for a small price. More than just the low prices, you will love the wonderful customer service that the staff here commit themselves to. Eamayl also opens late into the night, making it a suitable place for anyone who comes from work late. Also, if you love late night dates, try this Chinese restaurant for the ultimate treat. The interior of the restaurant makes the perfect ambience for a romantic date. The restaurant is at 11 Cornwall Street.